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Polymer Shelf Liners


NuShelf liners are meant to provide a covering or layer that will reduce the amount of wear and tear that a grocery shelf will endure. Depending on the usage, from number of times items are slid or stacked on a shelf, to the types of items that the shelf carries.

Product Description

• Standard colour is white  • No kinks (completely flat)  • Standard size of (Width) 18 inches by (Length) 48 inches


• Increases life of shelving  • Preventative maintenance  • Cleaner presentation  • Less manpower required to keep shelves presentable  • Recyclable  • Efficient installation provides fast results  • Cost savings. Much cheaper than buying new shelving.


• Case size 100 per case  • Case weight 55LBs  • Pallet Size 40 cases  • Pallet weight 2200LB  • Full Load 18 pallets