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Thermoforming Machines

Ikon 2220 Thermoforming machine

Model: Ikon 2220
Brand: Ikon by Vale
Category: BOPS 、HIPS、PS、PVC and PET plastic sheets

Ikon 2220 plastic thermoforming machine is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components, and the whole system was controlled by a micro PLC, which can be operated in man-interface .It combines the material sending, heating, forming and cutting info one process. It has three operation models.\" manual\",\" semi-automatic\" and \"automatic Application area: It is suitable to form BOPS 、HIPS、PS、PVC and PET plastic sheets etc., which can produce various of boxes 、dishes、trays、bowls and lids, such as food boxes、cake boxes、fast-food boxes、supermarket trays、injection trays、oral liquids trays etc.

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