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Thermoforming Machines

Ikon-700B Plastic (high speed) Thermoforming machine

Model: Ikon-700B
Brand: Ikon by Vale
Category: BOPS 、HIPS、PS、PVC and PET plastic sheets

Brief Introduction:: The machine incorporates the most advanced plastic thermoforming technology. It is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components, and the whole system is controlled by micro PLC . The machine has man-interface operation, Six axis linkage control the 6 servo motors.  Sheet feeding by servo motor chain, have multi-zone heaters. The machine works with conjugate cam, tilting slide open and closing the mould. Thermoforming by servo motor, V type stacking system and with automatic stacking products. It is automatic material feed, heating, drawing, forming, cutting and stacking into one process.
usage: it is suitable for forming PP、PS、HIPS、PVC、PET、PLA、PC and biodegradable material that can produce cups, bowls, dished, plates lids and boxes etc……
1、Six axis linkage controls the machine running, adjust the machine and control the whole drive system, for easy operation.
2、servo motor chain feeding, autonomously promote the chain guider and avoid sheet fall down. Feeding stable ,accurate and smooth.
3、It adopts imported heaters, multi-heaters with tunnel type heating, top and lower ovens can easy control , and heating evenly.
4、The main machine adopts servo motor Hardened gear reducing, so that it makes the conjugate cam tilting and the sliding the open-close mould function providing a stable operation .
5、Servo motor with twin screws pressing, forming stable, easy operation.
6、Thermoforming , even thickness, good forming and clear edge.
7、V type manipulator stacker, formed products come out in order.
8、High automation, and quick efficiency;
9 Operates inline with cup rim curling machine, cup printing  and packing machine.

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