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Thermoforming Machines

HVF-720 Multi-functional Vacuum Thermoforming machine

Model: HVF-720
Brand: Ikon by Vale
Category: BOPS 、HIPS、PS、PVC and PET plastic sheets

HVF-720 multi-function Vacuum forming machine is designed with most advanced Pressure &vacuum forming technology, a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components, and the whole system was controlled by PLC. The machine has man-interface operation, feed sheet by chain, mould running by cam, press by servo-motor, Thermoforming and vacuum forming working together. It combines the material-feeding, heating, forming, cutting and stacking into one process.

2.Application area.
It is used for forming PP.PS.BOPS .PVC. PET.EPS plastic sheets, which can be widely used to produce square and irregular shape products. As plastic fast food boxes, cake box, nursery pots, fresh food tray chocolate package boxes, candy boxes etc.

3.Main Feature
1 .Drove by cam, the highest run rate of up to 40 cycle/ min.
2. Chain Drove by servo motor
3. Pre-forming drove by servo motor with two screws
4. Pressure forming &vacuum forming
5. In-mould cutting
6. Full-automatic include stacker
5. Suitable for EPS products forming.

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