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Thermoforming Machines

Ikon 3021 Thermoforming machine

Model: IKON 3021
Brand: Ikon by Vale
Category: BOPS 、HIPS、PS、PVC and PET plastic sheets

1、Max forming area                           540×760mm
2、Max forming depth                          115mm
3、Max width range of sheet                     800mm
4、Thickness range of sheet                      0.15-1mm
5、Max sheet roller diameter                     800mm
6、Air pressure                                0.7MPa
7、Air consumption                            2500L/min
8、Water consumption                          10Liters/h
9、Heating rating power                         30KW
10、Feeding rating power                        1KW
11、Rewinding power                           0.37KW
12、Unwinding power                           0.37KW
13、Max speed                                 17times/min
14、Max. cutting length                          8650mm
15、Power(three phase                           380V±15V/50/60HZ
16、Main machine (L×W×H)                    3000×1700×2500mm
17、Weight 3500kg

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